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Crossing the threshold

What first springs to mind when you think about Cinema? Despite the sweet smell of popcorn as you enter the foyer, the interior design of the space can have a huge impact on how it directly effects our mood, and ultimately how it influences our time spent in the venue.

Subconsciously we are all – to a certain level – influenced by our surroundings; from the layout of a space to the choice of furnishings. A trip to the cinema has the potential to significantly effect our overall frame of mind. If we enter a space that promotes positive emotions, this is fundamentally good for our health and well-being, so it is therefore crucial when creating an interior design scheme, that all relevant components work harmoniously in order for the space to have the desired impact on its guests.

When executed well, each element of the Interior Design plan for The Pantiles Cinema Project has the potential to ignite every one of our cinema-goers senses. We want our movie-lovers to leave talking not only about the film they’ve just watched, but the evening’s event as a whole, and we have many factors to consider to ensure this is the case. The correct use of space and enabling good traffic flow will not only add to a visually pleasing and calming experience, but is of great importance to avoid the room feeling too confined and congested. The colour selection process for each space is arguably one of the most important interior decisions to consider, and even more so when in a commercial scenario. Colour has the potential to stimulate or rather have a calmative effect, and can instantly highlight specific emotions and feelings. Taking this into consideration, key features of our interior plans for the entrance bar and foyer area will display an array of neutral tones with a stripped back earthy, industrial feel in places. We intend to team a sleek walnut wood slatted ceiling with a feature wall of exposed brick work, alongside a bright, functional and dynamic sweeping bar, with an impressive backdrop of antique mirrored tiles, adding a sense of luxe, whilst creating the illusion of space enabling light to bounce across the room.

Lighting design can equally have huge impacts on us psychologically and will also be carefully considered. Low-level dim lighting often has the ability to encourage conversation between people, where as bright more harsh options can have the opposite effect, leaving a space feeling cold and uninviting. Our focus with the lighting design for the entrance bar and foyer is to work in zones in order to create the desired atmosphere. Above the bar will feature task lighting and the opportunity to install some real showstopper key pieces of interest, adding to the luxe element of our design. Seating areas within the bar will incorporate a variety of dimmable spot lights throughout, alongside some sleek exposed filament bulb wall lights above each table area, highlighting each dedicated space and adding warmth.

Finishings and soft furnishings are also a key element to consider when incorporating texture and various items of interest into a scheme, not only can they enhance the overall feel but play an important role in pulling the design together effectively. We will look to source predominantly reclaimed and upcycled items where possible, with our company ethos and key focus on sustainability and being resourceful where ever we can.

The end-goal in any commercial interior design project is to reflect the message of the business as effectively as possible. It really is so much more than a simple lick of paint and a furniture revamp. It is the unique opportunity to carefully carve a whole brand identity for all to embrace from the very moment they enter. Every design element will be carefully calculated with the purpose of fulfilling a specific role, and each individual component must work in unison with the next, to ensure the overall feel of the project is portrayed seamlessly. With a cinema, the experience should not begin when the films title sequence appears on screen, it should build from the moment you approach the building and cross the threshold. Moviegoers want a fully immersive experience before and during the film, one that draws the viewer into an augmented state of reality, creating an unforgettable event that leaves them with a thirst for more. Taking all that into consideration and through making well informed, clean and coherent design choices, we are confident we have the capability to achieve just that!

– Emma Antoine, Project Manager. The Pantiles Cinema Project

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